Why Work with Us?

Adaptix Ltd has a deep tech capability offering you a globally exclusive capability. This has arisen from a proven technology company, operating out of Oxford University Science Park, Centre for Innovation & Enterprise, attracting top talent in science, engineering and administration including:

– Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering / Fellow of the Royal Society
– Chartered Accountants / MBAs
– 3 Chartered Engineers
– 15 PhD/MDs

This capability and the future development of it is also well protected with over 23 patent families including +155 patents, and a process maturity of the US FDA 510K, and ISO 13485 for Design & Development and Manufacture.

We are motivated to get our products right which means working with you to develop exactly what you need. The success of this capability and motivation combination is also reflected by our financial backers and Government grants awarded to us.

As detailed below, we care about what we do: we are not following the science to find a product, we are making the science follow our aspiration to protect our devices, our critical national infrastructure and our way of life.

Why We Do This?

Adaptix is transforming radiology in the healthcare sector because the people at Adaptix care. Correct diagnosis means either more freedom to carry on and enjoy life (without unnecessarily being in a cast for 6 weeks), or not make injuries worse via lasting damage, when for instance a displacement fracture is not picked up by 2D x-ray.

If we can do this in the healthcare world, how can we translate this aspiration into the NDE world; this is why Adaptix has created the AdaptixNDE  section, to offer focussed services in both sectors.


The Little Things Matter

The little things matter to us in all aspects. Tiny fractures, sub-millimetre porosity in aerospace composites or broken bond wires in electronic chips; safety critical defects at the micro level mean big impacts at the macro.

This integrity has translated into the NDE world where our focus is on protecting the supply chain, combating counterfeit and securing safety; we are well positioned to straddle both the defence & security, and civilian segments. In both cases, we want to stop poor quality and counterfeit – detected at the smallest levels – affecting real lives, as we do in the healthcare world.

Keeping you Connected

Global travel, calling friends & family, or future drones delivering next-day essentials, we want to protect your trips, your devices, and your connections. We are joining the NDE industry mission of taking care of the little things, so the big things remain safe.

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