By using Adaptix 3D imaging equipment you can provide a more secure supply chain and differentiate yourself in a competitive landscape.

Combat counterfeit ingress and increase quality assurance of the components you source for a greater value when you sell.

Our 3D x-ray unit output allows you to scroll through 2D image slices of a component, combining several IDEA inspection tests, via one ‘3D image’ output.

Looking at the videos, you can quickly see pins and dyes coming into and out of focus where physical abnormalities and misaligned pins are clear, or that a component is subtly twisted.

And instead of taking separate optical images for measurements you can use the same 3D image output.

This combination of inspections into one means greater efficiency and frees up your time for more batch inspections as well as an ability to inspect more samples per lot.

This could allow you to grow via increased throughput in a time of huge global demand for electronic components.


Component Counting

The component counter can also increase your speed of counting, and hence further increase your throughput.

By using 3D x-ray you could place a stack of reels or trays in the counter which will count each reel or tray, give you the number of components on each and then also offer the total number stacked in the box – all without unpacking the box!









Future Developments

In line with Adaptix feeding into NDE 4.0, the immediate future for us is developing and deploying automated software to give you automatic measurements and tell you where pins are misaligned, or flag physical abnormalities.

This can then allow less-skilled and lower-cost operators to load and ‘inspect’ the batches, where only automatically ‘flagged’ components are sent for further inspection. This can again increase both effectiveness and efficiency to unlock more growth potential.

See NDE 4.0 for more information.




  • count a box of 12 x 7-inch reels (of components) in one click without unpacking them
  • count vacuum packed reels stacked side-by-side
  • count a box of 6 x trays of chips while showing that they’re all the same (or not).
  • Bend, misaligned or non-uniform pins
  • Non-uniform ball grid arrays (BGAs)
  • Broken bond wires
  • Twisted or physically abnormal components
  • Skewed or misaligned dyes
  • Dimension measurements of the components
  • Also provide 2D x-ray capability

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