AdaptixNDE: in-house, portable, 3D inspection

3D inspection facilitating enhanced assurance of component authenticity.

In-house inspection* enabling accelerated testing to reduce stockholding period, and reduce working capital and exposure to price volatility risk.

* Adaptix offers a 3D image in 60 seconds, compared to sending your parts away for an X-ray report from a test house with typical lead times of 6 weeks.


Portable, benchtop unit allows on-site inspection to reduce component handling and transit, allowing faster stock-turns to reduce working capital and stock-holding risk, and increase the throughput capacity for a test, storage or warehouse facility.

In-house testing allows:

Faster inventory turns

  • The compression of the inspection cycle from 6 weeks to 60 seconds
  • Lower inventory holding periods due to not needing to wait for test results
  • Faster time to cash receipt from customers

Enhanced risk management

  • Reduced risk from price fluctuations on price-volatile components
  • Reduced economic exposure when placing components into long-term storage

Reduced cost

  • Reduced external test costs
  • Reduced handling, transit and administration costs
  • Removes capital cost of test equipment purchases

Improved efficiency

  • More productive use of in-demand skilled inspectors to improve efficiency and effectiveness

Increased confidence

  • Potential to increase sample size with same resource or give equal assurance at lower cost
  • Better data to refute false return claims

Industry standards* require supply chain companies to have auditable anti-counterfeit measures and management plans in place, but:

  • Increased demand has increased pressure to source from parts of the supply chain where provenance is less visible
  • Increasing demand for electronic components has resulted in testing bottlenecks
  • Counterfeiting has become more prevalent as demand has increased
  • Counterfeiters are becoming more adept at infiltrating counterfeit devices

To increase sample size, inspectors need to accelerate inspection times, reduce inspection cost and increase quality assurance. An in-house AdaptixNDE capabilty can allow all these needs.

*including ISO9000, AS9100, SAE AS5553, IEC 62239-1 and many others


How you can change the game with AdaptixNDE inspection

– Transformed location: Inspection on your benchtop
– Workflow acceleration: A 6 week** inspection cycle in 60 seconds. No sending components to a test house
– Enhanced economics: AdaptixNDE charges a fee-per-scan to remove capital purchase costs and eliminates no-value activities
– Extended coverage: ‘Whole box’ inspection of components assists focusing sample selection

**Typical lead time when components are sent to a test house

AdaptixNDE: in-house, portable, 3D inspection:

A unique capability to test for coplanarity and immediately test for deformities, such as:
– Twisted chips or bent pins
– Uneven BGAs
– Missing or variants in dye;
– Broken wires


A technology roadmap to further accelerate inspection and enhance assurance

The war against counterfeit will never be won, but AdaptixNDE aims to let manufacturers and brokers defend themselves with a pipeline of further innovations including:

– automated non-uniform balls in BGA/bent or non-uniform pins
– automated quantification
– automated comparison with external data sets
– multi-modal and multi-spectral inspection
– oxidation detection
– comparison with large data sets of known-good and know-bad

  • count a box of 12 x 7-inch reels (of components) in one click without unpacking them
  • count vacuum packed reels stacked side-by-side
  • choose which components to sample: add intelligent inspection for 6 x trays of chips, showing that they are all present and the same (or not – identify missing dyes or variations in dye orientations).
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