Unlocking in-house, benchtop 3D X-ray without lab-infrastructure and costs

“What truly sets the Adaptix 3D X-ray scanner apart is the efficiency and speed…the results have been nothing short of exceptional…optimises our workflow and has revolutionised our counterfeit detection procedures.” Azego TS Ltd, Head of Technical Services

In-house 3D testing allowing differentiation and transformation of inspection economics:

  • – Compressing inspection cycles
  • – Enhancing risk management
  • – Reducing inventory holding and
  • – Reducing operating costs.


Component Inspection:

  • 19.5-micron, high-resolution, detector (4.6 x 6.7 cm active area), where a single 3D X-ray:
    • Fits within the MIL-STD-883K and AS6081 25-micron resolution requirement for X-ray inspection
    • Mostly fits the full batch of samples onto the detector
    • Can identify die surface damage where 2D X-ray can’t

‘Intelligent Inspection’:

  • Large detector (36 x 43 cm active area) to 3D X-ray:
    • boxed of trays of chips (32 x 17 cm)
    • boxed stacks of reels (up to the 33 cm diameter reels)
    • Visualise missing or variant components
    • Informed choice of which samples to inspect
    • Additionally inspects devices & boards
  • Inspection data without breaking the manufacturer’s seal (for trusted suppliers)
    • Reduced transaction risk
    • Increased data for differentiation and higher Quality Assurance


  • Take photo of packaging in parallel to X-ray imaging instead of separate work station

Cloud Deployed Data:

  • All images uploaded to a cloud hosted site for analysis
  • Globally and instantly accessible by multiple employees, with full functionality on their phone
  • Sharable with customers for enhanced products, services and differentiation

Dimensions & Weight:

  • XYZ = 65 x 58 x 54 cm
  • 90 kg

The versatile unit can be used in-house with a small footprint, or easily transportable to deploy at various events, locations and shared between sites.

It can be used for:

  • diagnostics
  • goods-in
  • goods-out
  • through-life comparison & and life extension
  • assurance or fault-detection in
              • Components
              • Packages
              • Devices
              • Routers
              • Boards
              • Batteries
              • …and more!

Meeting the requirements

Standards MIL-STD-883K and AS6081 (the Standards for supplying into Aerospace & Defence) require a resolution down to 25 microns; our system has a 19.5-micron detector to achieve below the required level.

Low-flux and low cost

Per AS6171 for X-ray inspection, an electronic component is destructively tested when exposed to > 2,500 Rads (below is non-destructive).

For a 3D X-ray, the Adaptix system exposes components to a miniscule 0.74 Rads.

The low-power is a unique selling point meaning you can gain extra X-ray data on all packages, safely operating at magnitudes below the Standard safe limit.

This low-flux also means you can operate the system with open doors at a safe distance of 5 meters, saving overnight working or area shut-downs for large items.

Single Phase Power:

Low-flux means the system only requires single-phase, meaning:

  • Plug it straight into the mains socket
  • No transformers or special installation requirements
  • Low-energy operating costs
  • No air cooling and high costs compared to a micro-CT

Azego TS Ltd

‘Azego TS LTD, a leading supplier of electronic components, are very pleased to express our satisfaction with the cutting-edge 3D X-ray scanner provided by Adaptix.’

We have been utilising their advanced technology to enhance our capabilities in the field of counterfeit detection in the electronic component industry, and the results have been nothing short of exceptional.

As a company that values quality and integrity above all else, ensuring the authenticity of electronic components is paramount in our processes. Counterfeit electronic components pose significant risks to the performance and reliability of our customers products, not to mention the potential harm to end-users. With this challenge at hand, we embarked on a thorough search for the most reliable and innovative solution available, which is when we discovered Adaptix and their 3D X-ray scanner.

From the initial consultation through the implementation phase, Adaptix demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and expertise. Throughout the entire process, they have been incredibly responsive and attentive to our queries, offering timely support and guidance whenever necessary.

The Adaptix 3D X-ray scanner has revolutionised our counterfeit detection procedures. Its advanced imaging capabilities have enabled us to inspect electronic components in unprecedented detail, allowing us to identify even the most sophisticated counterfeit items. The system’s ability to create high-resolution X-ray images of components has been invaluable in revealing hidden defects, such as package alterations and subtle variations in internal structures.

What truly sets the Adaptix 3D X-ray scanner apart is its efficiency and speed. The system streamlines the inspection process, significantly reducing the time required for each scan while maintaining the utmost accuracy. This not only optimises our workflow but also ensures that our products reach our customers faster without compromising on quality or safety.

Since implementing the Adaptix solution, our counterfeit detection rate has increased dramatically. The accuracy of their technology has helped us identify potential counterfeit components before they enter the supply chain, saving us valuable time and resources. As a result, we have boosted customer confidence and satisfaction while maintaining our reputation for delivering top-notch electronic products.

Moreover, Adaptix has proven to be a reliable partner in terms of ongoing support and maintenance. Their team has been readily available to address any inquiries or issues that may arise, and they have consistently provided updates and training to ensure our team is well-versed in utilising the scanner to its fullest potential.

In conclusion, we are delighted to endorse Adaptix and their 3D X-ray scanner as an essential tool in the electronic component industry, particularly helpful for counterfeit detection. Their state-of-the-art technology, combined with their exceptional customer service, has undoubtedly elevated our counterfeit prevention capabilities and bolstered our confidence in the authenticity of our products.

We highly recommend Adaptix to any company in the electronics industry looking to enhance their counterfeit detection processes and improve overall product quality. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has made them an invaluable partner in our journey of continuous development towards excellence.


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