Digital Twin ready while solving today's pain

Based on the Oxford University Science Park’s Centre for Innovation & Enterprise, Adaptix is a deep-tech company at the cutting edge of imaging technology.

In the move towards Non-Destructive Evaluation 4.0 (NDE4.0) cyber physical systems automatically inspecting aerospace parts, Adaptix have the same 3D digital data output of the part in manufacture and maintenance, for gathering data and longitudinal studies to facilitate predictive quality assurance plans for individua components.


Adaptix have the same 3D digital data output of the part in manufacture and maintenance.  This comparable 3D data can be visualised for analysis and modelled for through-life quality assurance at manufacture; facilitating Digital Twins.

Adaptix hardware can image upstream of other inspection points in dry-preform, and is deployable for in-situ analysis of parts where existing 3D X-ray can’t.

Winning an exciting UK Government National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) grant (started in July 2023) to automate the inspection of dry-preform and through-life composites, we can make this inspection autonomous.

More-so, we’ve also won a large UK Government Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) grant to move our systems to a robot-mounted capability with the project including a longitudinal analysis of parts.

Combing a robotic inspection system with automatic failure detection software and an increased knowledge of end-of-life parts, knowing their behaviour through life moves Adaptix to the central place for NDE 4.0, including Digital Twins.

In the war on counterfeit, Adaptix are adding automation software to their hardware to drastically reduce workflow time while increasing data-capture:

  • Auto-registering non-uniform balls on BGAs
  • Auto-registering non-uniform pins
  • Auto-rotation of the part for x-y measurement
  • Z-height profiling for measurement
  • Optical character recognition of text on chips
  • Auto-scrape of data-sheets for gross dimension comparison, text comparison and hence, auto-report writing
  • R&D now, on the future use of quantum detectors for chemical fingerprint ID of individual chips.

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