Fourth Industrial Revolution

As we transition into the fourth industrial revolution (INDUSTRY 4.0), the non-destructive evaluation (NDE) methods and technologies need to feed into this with cyber-physical systems in a revolutionary way: NDE 4.0. – for more reading

Based on Oxford University’s Science Park: Centre for Innovation & Enterprise, Adaptix is a deep tech company with an eye on how the horizon informs our existing product-development.

This truly novel product-development has already seen us as a keynote speaker at the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BI NDT) Annual Conference in 2021, in the infancy of our NDE transition. This theoretical recognition happened in parallel with practical engagement by aerospace primes.

Our transition to work with primes, and yourselves is easier because of the assurance we offer from our mature ISO and CE design and development processes, which have been enhanced in line with the heavily regulated healthcare world.

Non Destructive Evaluation image
Existing Technology – How it Works – NDE 3.0

By using a fast-moving x-ray source in a ‘restricted’ 2D array, AdaptixNDE has a novel reconstruction method of Digital Tomosynthesis to offer a digital 3D image of an object by just scanning it ‘from above’ (as opposed to a conventional need in Computed Tomography (CT) to revolve and image all the way around an object – or revolve the object).

This allows a compact solution with an image acquisition under 90 seconds, at a low cost; this offering resolves a conflicting requirement of 3D x-ray imaging with the portability of ultrasonics.

These current systems (translated directly from healthcare) operate at NDE 3.0 and are designed to use data with a cloud-based storage capability, ready for the future.


In Development – ‘NDE 3.5’

We are also working with the National Physics Laboratory to offer a capability for you to automatically detect tin oxide on component pins, which we are very excited about.

In parallel we are working with leading academics to develop quantum capability to inspect and fingerprint electronics; below is an early image of chip under multi-spectral x-ray.

Our immediate plans are to turn our technology developments in more capably products; this includes automating inspections (ready in 2022) to offer pass, fail or ‘expert-to-inspect’ outputs evolving a system that is already past traditional systems to ‘NDE 3.5’ (an industry-accepted straddle-point into the future).

Non Destructive Evaluation image
Next Steps – NDE 4.0

This automation along with a cloud-based data-storage capability can grow into ‘big data’ and allow machine learning to make decisions and decentralise the operator. This can then offer digital twins of the components (both composite and electrical) to fit into The Internet of Things. This capability can then offer through-life predictions of component QA in line with Digital Twin benefits.

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