The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Based on the Oxford University Science Park’s Centre for Innovation & Enterprise, AdaptixNDE is a deep-tech company at the cutting edge of imaging technology that delivers enhanced analysis capabilities at low-cost that can be deployed on the production floor or at a maintenance site.

‘Industry 4.0’ represents the fourth revolution that is occurring in manufacturing, taking what was started in the third with the adoption of computers and automation and enhancing it with smart and autonomous systems fueled by data and machine learning. AdaptixNDE supports industry 4.0 through delivering 3D imaging to acquire enhanced data that can be used to better evaluate and characterize high-value and safety critical products as they progress through manufacturing and then throughout their service life.

AdaptixNDE allows evaluation to start earlier in the aerospace manufacturing process, for instance when a composite device is still in dry preform, allowing assessment before a further magnitude of cost has been incurred and reducing the economic and environmental cost of waste. As importantly, identifying items for re-work earlier in the process frees up production capability for products that can be sold rather than scrapped, offering the chance to realize productivity enhancements.

AdaptixNDE allows composite products to be monitored thru-life. For instance, it is now possible to compare a part mid-life against that same part post-production, which offers the prospect of optimizing service life and maintenance protocols, and proving a longitudinal data set to support ‘digital twin’ initiatives. AdaptixNDE is focused on delivering ‘NDE4.0’ to deliver enhanced economic returns to its customers.

Non-Destructive Evaluation 4.0 image

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