Aerospace Composites

The translation from healthcare to NDE solutions has won Adaptix multiple InnovateUK grants in the aerospace composite field for fixed and rotary wing solutions in manufacture and maintenance with interest and support from several aerospace primes.

Would you like 3D x-ray imagery to see interior details of your complex composite components with a speed, cost and portability akin to ultrasonics?

AdaptixNDE have taken their transformational technology, proven in the healthcare industry, to provide a portable 3D x-ray solution. Initial tests show comparable capability with Computed Tomography (CT) to detect lamination and porosity.

The latest developments in ultrasonics can tell you where porosity is but nothing below (in depth) the first defect that is ‘hit’; ultrasonics R&D is also aspiring to calculate the size of porosity at micron level. Our capability can show you the exact location of porosity voids, and their size, down to 100 microns.

From click-to-screen, the unit offers a 3D image in under 90 seconds with performance characteristics detailed in the table opposite.

In addition to inspection, would you want a through-life quality assurance to combat counterfeit ingress? AdaptixNDE have developed a novel and simple solution via a physically unclonable 3D fingerprint integrated into the part without affecting mechanical performance (verified by the National Composites Centre).

Aerospace Composites image

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